Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. is committed to providing clients with top quality cleaning. Integrity, reliability and quality service are standards by which we operate. Clients can be assured that Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. will do the job well. Our clients’ satisfaction and safety are our top priorities on all levels—for our clients, for their employees, and for their facility. There is always a quick response and resolution to any inquiry.

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Commercial Janitorial Services

Del's Cleaning Service, Inc. provides janitorial services in many businesses. Services include daily, weekly and/or monthly cleaning. Most businesses contract with Del's Cleaning Service, Inc. to do regular nightly cleaning. Del's Cleaning Service, Inc. contract cleaning can include any or all of the following services:


  • Vacuuming
  • Carpet Cleaning (Water Extraction)


  • Changing Light Bulbs

Furniture, Doors, and Panels

  • Dusting and Cleaning Furniture
  • Washing Tables
  • Spot Cleaning as Needed on Panels, Walls, and Glass Doors

Floor Work

  • Sweep, Mop, and Maintain Hard Floors
  • Strip and Wax Hard Floors as Needed

Rest Rooms

  • Clean, Sanitize, and Polish all Vitreous Fixtures
  • Clean Glass and Mirrors
  • Spot Clean Walls
  • Clean and Sanitize Walls as Needed
  • Sweep, Damp Mop, and Sanitize Hard Floors
  • Replenish Paper Products and Soap

General Cleaning

  • Empty and Line Waste Baskets
  • Clean Glass
  • Dust Cleared Desks, Chairs, File Cabinets, Tables, Bookshelves, Cabinets, and Shelves
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Clean Vents as Needed
  • Spot Clean Doors, Light Fixtures, and Walls

Janitorial Services