Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. is committed to providing clients with top quality cleaning. Integrity, reliability and quality service are standards by which we operate. Clients can be assured that Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. will do the job well. Our clients’ satisfaction and safety are our top priorities on all levels—for our clients, for their employees, and for their facility. There is always a quick response and resolution to any inquiry.

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Residential Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. provides optimum carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in the homes of all clients served. Del and son, Brad, work in homes throughout the Twin Cities cleaning residential carpets and upholstery in single family dwellings, condos and apartments. Brad does most of the carpet and upholstery cleaning. He lives up to his motto, “If you need it cleaned bad, pick up the phone and call Brad.” Many of our clients who want carpet and/or upholstery cleaned are repeat customers, or have been referred by a satisfied client. Many clients comment that they did not know that their carpet could be that clean again. Some also comment that the work was so well done that they can forego purchasing new carpet for a while.

Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. provides spot cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing as is necessary. Most stains will be removed with the quality products used. Deodorizing to remove pet or other offensive odors is done upon request. Some stains and odors cannot be removed. Del and Brad both know how to determine this and will discuss it with all clients as is necessary.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpets and upholstery in your home will eliminate many allergens, will clean out the embedded dirt that vacuuming cannot reach, and will give your home an added sparkle that will please you, your family, and your guests.

Vehicle Carpet Cleaning

Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. is also equipped to clean the carpets and upholstery in your vehicle. Midwest weather does a number on vehicle carpets embedding them with snow, sand, salt, and mud. Add a few spills from food being eaten in the vehicle, and you are a candidate for some serious carpet cleaning from Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. Their staff can do the job! Del and Brad have even cleaned carpets in a small airplane and in a motor boat.

Whenever Del or Brad quote a residential upholstery or carpet cleaning job, the price is set. The quoted cost includes all-over carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, spot cleaning, and sanitizing as agreed upon by the customer and Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. Customers know what the cost will be before Del and/or Brad ever appear to clean carpets.