Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. is committed to providing clients with top quality cleaning. Integrity, reliability and quality service are standards by which we operate. Clients can be assured that Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. will do the job well. Our clients’ satisfaction and safety are our top priorities on all levels—for our clients, for their employees, and for their facility. There is always a quick response and resolution to any inquiry.

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Commercial Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. prides itself on providing commercial carpet cleaning service that maintains clean carpets in businesses that it serves. Our staff cleans carpets in corporate headquarters, healthcare facilities, manufacturing and industrial plants, and commercial buildings. Most of the carpet cleaning is done by Brad Smallfield, son of business owner, Del. Brad uses the motto, “If you want it cleaned bad, pick up the phone and call Brad,” and works full-time with Del in Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc.

Carpets cleaned by Del and/or Brad have been a source of pride for both of them, because customers nearly always comment on the fact that they didn’t know that their carpet could get that clean. We use portable water extraction machines to do carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. also cleans upholstery in business offices. The same quality of service goes into your upholstery cleaning as goes into your business carpet cleaning. First impressions are important. As customers enter your place of business, they notice a clean reception area. This denotes that you take pride in your place of business and how it presents itself to your customers.

Commercial upholstery cleaning

Vehicle Carpet Cleaning

Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. is equipped to clean the carpets in your company's fleet of vehicles. The same dedication to service applies in cleaning vehicle carpeting as in all other carpet cleaning done by Del and/or Brad.

Whenever Del or Brad quote a commercial upholstery or carpet cleaning job, the price is set. The quoted cost includes all-over carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, spot cleaning, and sanitizing as agreed upon by the customer and Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. Customers know what the cost will be before Del and/or Brad ever appear to clean carpets.